Creative Arts Expo - Performing Arts

Composition, Instrumental, Movement, Performance Art, Production/Design, Spoken Word, Vocal

Performing Arts is a large genre.  You can do almost anything and call it Perfoming Arts.  While you want to do your best work, don’t play it too safe.  The more you stretch into new territory, the more you can grow as an Artist.  Many Performing Arts projects will combine mulitple aspects of the genre.  Decide on the dominant element of your work and submit it under that Sub-genre.  If you can't see one major element, submit it as: Performance Art.  Students may submit muliple projects, but only one per Sub-genre.  For questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Phillips -

Live Action Performance 

*  All live action projects should be submitted as a single video or mp3 file.

*  Projects can be solo or group works.

*  Live action projects must be 3 to 5 minutes long and submitted in either an audio or video format.

*  Vocal and Instrumental projects can be accompanied by live musicians or a backing track.  They can also be unaccompanied.

*  Live action projects can be original works or based on performances of other artists.

*  Any original music composition must have some type of performance included.  This be either  a live audio, video or a software generated Mp3 recording of the work.  Orininal compositions should be 2 to 4 minutes in length.

*  Production/Dersign projects should be submitted as jpeg or pdf images.

*  Any original Spoken Word script without an included live action performance, should be submitted as an Written Word project.

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