Creative Arts Expo Submissions

 The last 18 months have wrecked our souls.  We all just want to feel normal again.  The Creative Arts are the guide.  We believe in the healing power of the Arts.  

All Canal Winchester High School students, in person and on line, are encouraged to join us in our On-Line Creative Arts Expo.  This is not a competition.  There are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finishers.  This is an On-Line Gallery platform to display our students' diverse approach to the Creative Arts in their lives.

Students are encouraged to submit projects in any of the following major categories: Performing ArtsVideo Production, Visual Arts and Written Word.  Each major category has Sub-genres listed below.  Students may submit multiple projects.  Click on the major genre listing to see the criteria for each project.  

Performing Arts  (Composition, Instrumental, Movement, Performance Art, Production/Design, Spoken Word, Vocal)

Video Production  (Music Video, Short Skit, Short Video Essay)

Visual Arts  (Ceramics, Drawing, Digital Design, Painting, Photography, Sculpture)

Written Word  (Poetry, Prose)

Canal Winchester High School Staff

All projects will be reviewed and each student will recieve written feedback on their work.  These are not graded classroom assignments, though some teachers will be offering extra credit points to students who participate in the Expo. The best projects in each Sub-genre will be posted in an On-Line Gallery.  Any project deemed Non-Classroom Appropriate will be rejected.

 - - Submitting your Project - -

All projects must be accompanied by a completed Creative Arts Expo Submission Form.  This form will help catalog each project and serves as a Media Release and Parent Permission for all participants.  Projects that also involve students not currently enrolled at Canal Winchester High School must also have Parent Permission and a Media Release for the project to be considered.  

The review panel holds the right to change the listed Sub-genre of the work if they feel the project has been mislabeled.

Many projects will be submitted with videos and still image photography.  For your best results, take the time to create the best shots.  Good lighting, creative camera angles and quality sound can make your project. Distractions from background images and background noises can ruin your efforts.

1)  After you read these instructions, follow the link below to the Creative Arts Expo Submission form and answer each question.

2)  Your are encouraged to enter as many projects as you wish, but students are limited to one project per Sub-genre.

3)  The Submission Form will ask for the Student’s Name and the CWHS Student Network Login that represents the work.  (ie.  Mary Smith, a Senior, would be listed as: Mary Smith 21MSmith.)

4)  If your project involves more than one student, choose one CWHS Student Network Login to represent the group. The form will ask for similar identifying information for each student involved.  Any student involved in a project but not currently a student at CWHS, must be listed with a contact phone number.

5)  Be sure to see that your project is in the correct, required format for the submission.  Different projects require different formats.  Next, re-label your project with the Sub-genre to help us catalog your work.  It should be labeled as follows:  Sub-genre-CWHS Student Network Login (ie, Vocal-21MSmith  for Mary Smith, a Senior submitting a Vocal Solo.)

Sample Submission

6)   The upload process allows for only a single file to uploaded as your project.  If you have multiple still picture images, they must be combined into one document to be uploaded.

7)  Click Add file to upload your project.  

8)  Click Submit.

Creative Arts Expo Submission Form

  CWPA Admin 2020