Advanced Guitar

Skill Test 3 = G-Em-Am-D7 chord progression with barre chords.  Video Demonstration 

Skill Test 4 = T-1-2/3-1-2/3-1 Finger Picking Pattern with Scarbourgh Fair.  Video Demonstration

Skill Test 5 = Dm-Am-E7-Am chord progression with barre and movable chords.  Video Demonstration

Skill Test 6Follow this link to and complete the Chromatic fretboard.  The website will use both of the enharmonic name options, you may coose either one.  Your goal to achieve at least 40 out of 50.  Please repeat the challenge until you earn that many points.  Submit your score by emailing me a screen shot of your results.  Send it to:

Skill Test 7 = 8th of January  Video yourself playing the accompaniment and melody of 8th of January. You need to play with one of the 3 different accompaniment files.  Each file has a different tempo.  Your choice.  Set your camera where it can see both hands.  Accompaniment files

The file will play the song 4 times.  You need to play the melody once and the chords once.  You can do this in any order, though most people find it easier to play the melody first and then the changes.  Stop the video after you've completed the melody and changes.   Video Demonstration

Skill Test 8 = 6th String Root, 2 Octave, Movable Major Scale.  Video yourself playing the 6th String Root, 2 Octave, Movable Major Scale starting in 1st position (F#) and working your way each positon to 9th position, (D) and then back to 1st positon.  You must say the starting note, root of each scale as you start.  Use the Sharp term for the ascending portion and Flat term for the descending portion.  F# - G - G# - A - A# - …. D - Db - C - B - Bb - A - …..  Look below for the correct scale fingering pattern.  Video Demostration  Upload your video to your School Google Drive and then share it with me at:

New Chord Shapes

Movable Scale Shapes

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