Beginning Guitar Class

Skill Tests

1 - Practice along with the video until you feel comfortable enough to play on your own.  

2 - Record yourself playing the skill on your own. Please make sure your hands are visible in the video.

3 - Attach the video to an email or Google share the file to me at:

Skill Test #1 = Em-C-Am-D7  Assigned week of Sept. 28

Skill Test #2 = Chromatic Scale  Assigned the week of Oct. 12

Skill Test #3 = C Major Say and Play Scale  Assigned the week of Oct 18

Skill Test #4 = Chromatic Scale with Rest Strokes  Assigned the week of Nov 9

Skill Test #5 = Letter Name Identification.  Click on one of the links below, Right Handed or Left Handed player.  It does matter which one you use.  You will taken to a website that will ask you 50 questions where you need to identify the letter names on the guitar.  

The screen will be set up similar to Tablature with the top line being your 1st  string, closest to the floor.  These are the same letter names as the C Major, Say and Play Scale.  

You must get at least 40 out of 50 to pass the skill.  If you earn less, you are required to take it again.  When you finish, take a screen shot of your results and email it to:

Right Handed Player                Left Handed Player

Skill Test #6 = Blues in E  Assigned week of Nov 30.   Record your self playing the Blues in E with the linked sound file playing in the background.  The formula is listed below.  Be sure that both your playing and the sound file can be heard on your video.  I will be watching for your knowledge of the chords and how well you stay in time with the sound file.  Skill Test Accompanment Sound File

Skill Test #7 = 6th String Pentatonic Scale   Assigned week of Dec 8.  Record yourself playing the 6th StringPentatonic Scale.  You must play in 1st position and and use a flat pick with alternating strokes.  Watch the linked video for more information. 

Skill Test #8 - Standard Notation, First Position, All Natural Letter Names  Assigned week of Dec 14.  Follow the link above to test your knowledge of the Standard Notation, First Position Letter names.  You must earn 80% (40 out of 50) to pass the skill.  If you do not receive that level, you are required to do it again.  We discussed how to identify those letter names in class, but if you need a 'Cheat Sheet' follow the attached link.  Once you've finished the skill, take a screen shot of your score and email or Google Share it to me at:  Letter Name Cheat Sheet

Skill Test #9 = Standard Notation to Tablature   Assigned week of Dec 14   Download the attached file.  You will see a 2 line melody written in Standard Notation.  Your Skill Test is to translate the melody into the open Tablature below the notes.  Don’t forget the process of Tablature:  The top line represents you 1st string, closest to the floor and you write the fret numbers on the string to represent the location of that note on the fretboard.  Standard Notation to Tablature  Take a picture of your work and email or Google Share it to:

Final Skills Test = Like all of the classes at CWHS, we haven't covered everything to the depth that we normally would.  If you're continuing on to the 2nd semester Guitar class, we'll dig deeper into advanced technique including playing up the neck and finger picking styles.

Signing up for the class, your goal was to learn to play guitar.  Our final skills test is directed right at that goal.  For the final skills test of the semester, you need to play two songs from the Chord Section in the back of the book.  These can any two songs of your choosing, something we've done in class or something we haven't.  

Each song in the back of the book has an accompaniment sound file posted at: Guitar Class Accompaniment Files.   You are required to play your choice songs with the accompaniment files as we did with the Blues in E.  These songs begin on page 87.  (The Blues in E is not an acceptable choice song.  We've already tested that one.)

Each song has 3 different tempos.  The higher the number with the file the faster the tempo.  You may choose any tempo, but you have to play with a sound file.  Every song has multiple repeats as we did with the Blues in E.

To submit your skill, video yourself playing along with the sound and Google share the files to me at:  This is the same process we used for the Blues in E.

You can practice with my play along videos I’ve recorded for you.   Each of these is at the middle tempo option.

Eleanor Rigby, pg 87     Every Breath You Take, pg 95     Goodnight Irene, pg 89

Hound Dog, pg 88     Scarborough Fair, pg 96     Surfin’ USA, pg 90

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, pg 92     Yellow Submarine, pg 94


Guitar Technique

Rest Stroke Demo

Dsus Demo

Blues Progression Formula

    I - IV - I - I - I

    IV - IV - I - I

    V - IV - I - V

Choke Strum Demo

Song Demos

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? - Demo Video      Accompaniment Sound File 

New Chords:

Yellow Submarine - Demo Video     Accompaniment Sound File

Check the Dsus Demo video above

Surfin’ USA - Demo Video     Accompaniment Sound File

Blues in E - (Skill Test #6)  Demo Video      Practice Accompaniment Sound file   The Blues Formula is listed above.

New Chords

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