Extended Chords

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Click Below To See How The Chords Are Fingered.      

     6th String Major 7                         5th String Minor 7                      6th String Minor 7

     5th String Major 7                          5th String 9                                 5th String 7#5#9

The Skill Test

Yes, it’s our old favorite G major progression, but now with 'New and Improved Extended Chords.  You’ll perform this skill with 4 counts per chord.  Click here to see a performance of the skill test.  

Please use the following String Roots for the Chords:  

Gmj7, Am7 are 6th string Roots.  

Em7, D9, Cmj7 and D7#5#9 are 5th String Roots.  

Just place the chord shape, where you have the open circle on the fret that you find the letter name.  

Gmj7 - Em7 - Am7 - D9

Gmj7 - Em7 - Am7 - D9

Gmj7 - Em7 - Am7 - D9

Gmj7 - Cmj7 - Gmj7 - D7#5#9


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