CWPA Calendar

Performing Arts Calendar        2020-2021

 These are the originally scheduled dates and times.   Given the Global Health situation, all of these dates are tentative.   They may need to be altered or cancelled at a later date.

These performances and important dates are currently on the school calendar for the HS Performing Arts Department.   Please check for updates.


Thur. Sept. 3                  HS Steel Band, A-K, Rehearsal – HS Panyard             2:20pm

Thur. Sept. 10                HS Steel Band, L-Z, Rehearsal – HS Panyard              2:20pm

Mon. Sept. 14                Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe             6:00pm

Thur. Sept. 24                Vocals Auditions - HS Music Room                           7:00pm

Thur. Oct. 1                   1st Vocals Rehearsal - HS Music Room                     7:00pm

Mon. Oct 5                    Deadline for Creative Arts Expo Submissions

TBA                               Fall Shorts Festival Auditions - HS Music Room        2:30pm

Mon. Oct. 12                 Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe            6:00pm

Thur. Oct 29                  *Fall Choir/Chimes Concert – Speaks Auditorium     7:00pm

Sat. Nov 7                     Vocal Performance – Veterans’ Day                         10:00am

Mon. Nov. 9                  Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe            6:00pm

Fri./Sat. Nov. 20/21         Shorts Festival – Speaks Auditorium                        7:00pm

Fri. Dec. 4                      *HS Choirs Caroling - Downtown CW                    6:00pm

Mon. Dec 14                  Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe          6:00pm

Wed. Dec. 9                   HS/MS Steel Holiday Jam - HS Cafe                       7:00pm

Thur. Dec. 10                 *Holiday Choir/Chimes Concert – Speaks Aud       7:00pm

Tue-Thur. Dec. 15-17     Madrigal Auditions - HS Music Room                    2:45pm

Tue./Thur. Jan-Feb.         Madrigal Practice - HS Cafe                                   2:45pm

Mon. Jan. 11                  Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe         6:00pm

Mon. Feb. 8                   Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe         6:00pm

Sat./Sun. Feb. 13/14      *Madrigal Dinner - HS Cafe                                   TBA

TBA                               Musical Auditions – HS Music Room                    2:30pm

Mon. Mar. 8                   Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe         6:00pm

Thur. Mar. 18                 *Winter Choir/Chimes Concert – Speak Aud         7:00pm

Mon. Apr. 12                 Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe         6:00pm

Fri./Sat. Apr. 23/24         Spring Musical – Speaks Auditorium                     TBA

Mon. May 10                 Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe         6:00pm

Tues. May 11                 HS/MS Steel Spring Jam – HS Cafe                        7:00pm

Thur. May 13                 *Spring Choir/Chimes Concert – Speaks Aud         7:00pm

Mon. June 14                 Performing Arts Boosters Meeting – HS Cafe         6:00pm


*Required performances for members of the High School Choirs.

The Speaks Auditorium is in the Education Center,

“Old” Middle School building, 100 Washington Street.


Parents are encouraged to sign-up for Classroom Updates and Announcements email at the Canal Winchester Performing Arts Boosters website, or contact Mr. Phillips at:

Further contact information can be found on the CWPA Resources page.

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