Guitar Class Resources

Blank Music Paper

Blank Tablature Paper

Blank Chord Box Paper

Tuning Pitches

First Position, All Natural, Letter Names

Song Accompaniment Tracks

8th of January-80   8th of January-100   8th of January-120

All of Me-80   All of Me-100   All of Me-120

Aumtumn Leaves-80   Autumn Leaves-90   Autumn Leaves-100

Blackberry Blossom-80   Blackberry Blossom-100   Blackberry Blossom-120

Blues in E-90   Blues in E-100   Blues in E-110

Deck The Hall-80   Deck The Hall-90   Deck The Hall-100   

Eleanor Rigby-110   Eleanor Rigby-120   Eleanor Rigby-130

Every Breath You Take-100   Every Breath You Take-110   Every Breath You Take-120

Goodnight, Irene-100   Goodnight, Irene-110   Goodnight, Irene-120

Hark, The Herald Angels-80  Hark, The Herald Angels-90  Hark, The Herald Angels-100 

Hound Dog-110   Hound Dog-125   Hound Dog-140

Jazz Blues in A-85   Jazz Blues in A-100    Jazz Blues in A-115

Man of Constant Sorrow-160   Man of Constant Sorrow-180   Man of Constant Sorrow-200

Patience-80   Patience-90   Patience-100

Ramblin’ Man-140   Ramblin’ Man-160   Ramblin’ Man-180

Scarborough Fair-90   Scarborough Fair-95   Scarborough Fair-100

Si Bheg Si Mhor-80   Si Bheg Si Mhor-95   Si Bheg Si Mhor-110

Surfin’ USA-140   Surfin’ USA-150   Surfin’ USA-160   

The First Noel-80   The First Noel-90   The First Noel-100   

The Way You Look Tonight-130  The Way You Look Tonight-145  The Way You Look Tonight-160   

Where Have All the Flowers-80 Where Have All the Flowers-90 Where Have All the Flowers-100

Yellow Submarine-105   Yellow Submarine-115   Yellow Submarine-125   

Graded Homework Assignments

Guitar Identification

Be sure to use the correct option:  RH-Right Hand Players, LH-Left Hand Players

Staff Note Identification:  Naturals, Teble Clef, 1st Position   Chromatic, Treble Clef, 1st Position

Fretboard Note Identification:  C and G Major Scale Notes, RH, 1st Position   C and G Major Scale Notes, LH, 1st Position      Chromatic, RH, 1st Position     Chromatic, LH, 1st Position,        4th, 5th, 6th String, Chromatic, RH     4th, 5th, 6th String, Chromatic, LH 

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