Vocal Department Recording Session Practice Files

These are links to performances of the various songs we’d like to record at our Virtual Concert.  Due to the need for Remotee Learning, our Recording Session will be rescheduled for January.  It is your resopnsibility to practice these and be prepared to sing them by memory.  Most of these are video links to performances of our tunes.  A few are just sound files.  A few are recordings are similar to our music, but not quite the same arrangement.  You can still use them to help memorize the text and your part.

Monday - SAB Symphonic = PDFs of the Music 

            Roses I send to You – Chatman            

            Yule – Veitch - There’s not text included in this file.

            Witness – Halloran, Bolks

            Laudate Dominium – Victoria


Tuesday - SA Chorale = PDFs of the Music

            Who Can Sail – Agnestig

            Abendlied (Evening Song) – Mendelssohn

            Il Est Ne, Le Divin Enfant – Snyder

            What a Wonderful World – Lojeski


Thursday - SATB Symphonic = PDFs of the Music

            Remember – Chatman

            Mon Coeur Se Recommande A Vous – Lassus

            A Merry Christmas – Warrell

            Bound for Jubilee – Eilers


Friday - SA Chorale = PDFs of the Music

            Alleluia – Navidad, Misa del dia, Escuhar - This file plays each phrase and then pauses before the next.  There is no text included in this performance.

            La Vie en Rose – Louiguy/Piaf 

            Muziki Vuma – Simms

            Seasons of Love – Emerson


Thursday Night Vocals

            Adam Lay Ybounden – Ireland

            Sing Gentley – Whitacre

            Road Not Taken – Wagner

            Set Me A Seal - Clausen

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