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2nd Year Theory

Popular Chord Diatonic Progessions Listening Test


Learning to identify frequently used chord progressions is key to being a sucessful musician, professional or amateur.  In this test, you will hear 10 different Diatonic progressions.  Your goal is to identify each progression with the correct Roman Numerals and quality.  Don’t forget the case of the Roman Numeral matters: i vs. I.  They are different chords.  Some of the progressions are in Major Keys, Some are in Minor Keys.  Each one uses the same note as tonic.  

All of the progressions are Diatonic though not all follow Classic Progression.  The sound file plays each progression multiple times so take your time and listen carefully to the bass note motion and the Major vs. Minor quality of the chord.  Combining your knowledge of those two elements is the key to the correct answer.  It’s the best help in identifying the chords.  Put your responces on the downloadable Answer Document.  Once you’ve completed the test email or Google Share it with me.


- Example 1 -

Example 2 -

- Example 3 -

- Example 4 -

- Example 5 -

- Example 6 -

- Example 7 -

- Example 8 -

- Example 9 -

- Example 10 -