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Students involved in our Performing Arts Ensembles and Classes can find the appropriate classroom materials and rehearsal files by clicking the links below.

CWPA Student and Parent Information Survey

Vocal Department


Canal Winchester Alma Mater

Choir Resources

Guitar Class

Guitar Class Resources

Music Theory

Muisc Theory Grade Homework

Art Exhibition Project

HS/MS/Adult Steel Bands

Map to the CWHS Steel Drum Room, the ‘Panyard'

Note Layout Sheets

Lead     Double Tenor     Double Seconds      Trios (Guitar/Cello)

Tenor Bass     6 Bass

Practice Pan On-Line - After signing in, use the menu in the upper left

to access the 'Dorchester District 2’ pans.        User: student   Password: 1

Steel Band Sound Files

Letter Name Review Sheet

Treble Clef Letter Name Quiz

Bass Clef Letter Name Quiz

Performing Arts Class

SketchUp Tutorial  

PA Set Design Blank

PA Proscenium Stage Blank

Costume Sheets

Picture Project

Gobo-Color Lab

Two Gentlemen of Verona Script

Remote Learning Assignments Assignments

Symphonic Choir/ Women’s Chorale  -  Assignment #1          Assignment #2          Assignment #3

Guitar Class  -  Directions for printing results   Assignment #1    Assignment #2     Assignment #3

Performing Arts Classes  -  All three assignments     All three are listed on the same page, but PLEASE only do the assignment for the numbered day out, ie. 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 

Music Theory  -  Directions for printing results     Assignment #1   Assignment #2   Assignment #3