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Blank Music Paper

Blank Tablature Paper

Blank Chord Box Paper

Tuning Pitches

First Position, All Natural, Letter Names

Song Accompaniment Tracks

8th of January-80   8th of January-100    8th of January-120

A Minor Swing-150   A Minor Swing-175   A Minor Swing - 200

All of Me-80   All of Me-100   All of Me-120

Aumtumn Leaves-80   Autumn Leaves-90   Autumn Leaves-100

Blackberry Blossom-80   Blackberry Blossom-100   Blackberry Blossom-120

Blues in E-90   Blues in E-100   Blues in E-110

Deck The Hall-80   Deck The Hall-90   Deck The Hall-100   

Eleanor Rigby-110   Eleanor Rigby-120   Eleanor Rigby-130

Every Breath You Take-100   Every Breath You Take-110   Every Breath You Take-120

Goodnight, Irene-100   Goodnight, Irene-110   Goodnight, Irene-120

Hark, The Herald Angels-80  Hark, The Herald Angels-90  Hark, The Herald Angels-100 

Hound Dog-110   Hound Dog-125   Hound Dog-140

Jazz Blues in A-85   Jazz Blues in A-100    Jazz Blues in A-115

Man of Constant Sorrow-160   Man of Constant Sorrow-180   Man of Constant Sorrow-200

Old Man and the Sea Full     Old Man and the Sea Gtr I Focus    Old Man and the Sea Gtr II Focus    Old Man and the Sea Gtr III Focus    Old Man and the Sea Gtr IV Focus    

Patience-80   Patience-90   Patience-100

Ramblin’ Man-140   Ramblin’ Man-160   Ramblin’ Man-180

Scarborough Fair-90   Scarborough Fair-95   Scarborough Fair-100

Si Bheag Si Mhor-80   Si Bheag Si Mhor-95   Si Bheag Si Mhor-110

Si Bheag Si Mhor Melody-72

Surfin’ USA-140   Surfin’ USA-150   Surfin’ USA-160   

Swing Gitane-90    Swing Gitane-105   Swing Gitane-120

The First Noel-80   The First Noel-90   The First Noel-100   

The Way You Look Tonight-130  The Way You Look Tonight-145  The Way You Look Tonight-160

Where Have All the Flowers-80 

Yellow Submarine-105   Yellow Submarine-115   Yellow Submarine-125   

Graded Homework Assignments

Guitar Identification

Be sure to use the correct option:  RH-Right Hand Players, LH-Left Hand Players

Staff Note Identification:  Naturals, Teble Clef, 1st Position   Chromatic, Treble Clef, 1st Position

Fretboard Note Identification:  C and G Major Scale Notes, RH, 1st Position   C and G Major Scale Notes, LH, 1st Position      Chromatic, RH, 1st Position     Chromatic, LH, 1st Position,        4th, 5th, 6th String, Chromatic, RH     4th, 5th, 6th String, Chromatic, LH    1st position, Open Chords   1st-10th Positions, Movable Chords