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Canal Winchester High School offers both Performing Arts 1 (Beginning) and Performing Arts 2 (Advanced) Courses. Each year we have over 60 students participating in the program. The vast majority of these students have little to no formal Theatre training before joining class. The Department is committed to creating excellence in Theatre Education using the Academic Content Standards laid down by the Ohio Department of Education.  

So what is Performing Arts Class?  Well, a little bit of everything.  Our primary curriculum is a study of the Theatre craft.  Coursework includes: Improv and Scripted Work, Script writing and Character Analysis, Production and Design, Directing and Staging.  A small portion of the students in the class are really interested in a career in in Theatre, and while we work hard to prepare them for that life, the true emphasis is on the process that Theatre people go through to create the Art.

Our first and primary goal to introduce the students to taking risks and making choices.  This is a skill that they will take with them to whatever career they choose.  It can only happen the student feels free to experiment in a welcoming and  non-competitive environment.  

Assignments are a mix of solo and group work.  Many of these can be accomplished within the class time, some work is expected to be done outside of class.  Students are always given at least 3 days to prepare and submit their work.  The class is also graded on their daily participation and behavior.  

By the end of the Performing Arts 1 (PA 1) class students will be able to define Theatre terms, understand the basics of staging and production design.  Each student has submitted their own Short-Short play inspired by a given prompt.  The student will have also worked in creative teams to produce shorts plays on given topics.  The class will have read and analyzed a famous play for plot, character and thematic aspects.

Performing Arts 2 (PA 2) is a continuation of the PA 1 curriculum.  The class will build on the concepts from PA 1, though with more challenging expectations and higher goals. Additional projects will include Performance Art piece and a Silent Movie. 

All students are encouraged to become involved in the after-school productions offered at Canal Winchester as well as those offered by our local community Theatre groups.

Performing Arts Class Class Rules and Grading Policy

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