Canal Winchester Performing Arts Collective

A Community Of Life-Long Artists

The Canal Winchester Performing Arts Collective is organized to contribute to the cultural enrichment and benefit of the greater Canal Winchester, Ohio community.  The Collective’s goal is to foster knowledge, awareness and enjoyment of the Performing Arts, through performance, presentation and preservation of the rich history of the Performing Arts, its techniques and repertoire.

The Collective accomplishes this through sponsoring performance and educational opportunities to benefit students of all ages.  We strive to promote Performing Arts in all its stylistic and cultural diversity through public forums, concerts, events and workshops.

The Collective makes its opportunities available and presents it at modest or at times at no cost to individuals and/or organizations who under other circumstances may not have access to such activities.  

CW Performing Arts Collective  Board

Todd Phillips - President     Konrad Deeg -  Vice President       Joe Dixon - Treasurer          Abbey Phillips - Secretary

Pam Davis          Gracie Dixon          Nancy Holloway          Nyla Phillips