Canal Winchester Performing Arts

Building a Community of Life-Long Artists

Mission and Vision


Canal Winchester Performing Arts Mission Statement

     The purpose of Canal Winchester Performing Arts is to educate, empower, and enable all students while focusing on high expectations and individual success through an artistic lens. The CWPA creates a community of life-long artists where each student is valued for their contribution and their individual life experience.

Canal Winchester Performing Arts Vision Statement

     The Canal Winchester Performing Arts Department will be a nurturing, safe, and professional environment that supports the educational success and social, emotional, and physical development of all students. Courses will be artistic, academic, engaging, and standards-based with a focus on the learner. All CWPA staff will be highly qualified and caring instructors who work to establish relationships and are attentive to the educational, cultural and physical needs of students. Students who leave CWPA will be life-long artists who will use critical thinking skills to communicate effectively and successfully navigate the many challenges the world has to offer.

Literature Selection Policy

      Selecting music can be one of the more challenging parts in creating a quality Public School Performing Arts program.  Selecions are made under the guidance of the State of Ohio Academic Content Standards, The National Association for Music Education and The American Choral Directors Association.  The music will be both Sacred and Secular, National and Multi-National.  Our only goal is to help our young muscians become the best artists they can be.  We are not in the business of promoting any particular faith or cultural viewpoint.

Community + Process = Results